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Information & Intelligence

Recruiting for a wide range of positions across business 

information and market intelligence.

Building businesses in this dynamic industry

Our recruitment solutions span both technical and non-technical roles within information services and market intelligence, across all areas including subscription data, consulting, data visualisation etc.

We cover all industry verticals including commodities, TMT, consumer and pharmaceuticals. We’ve hired across almost all areas of expertise from submarine cable intelligence to music chart analysis. Whatever business you are in, we can help you identify hard to reach talent.

Financial & Commodities Data

Investment Research

Market Intelligence

Risk Consulting

Expert Networks

Business intelligence (BI)

All industries

All models (custom, subscription, consulting etc)

Technical roles

Non-technical roles e.g. Sales

Unique candidate assessments

We can combine our unique candidate assessments with the practical sessions you might wish to conduct as part of a hiring process, for example a mock sales pitch or technical assessment. Our assessments help to quantify candidates beyond their professional background and achievements, identifying those factors which ensure success within the context of your specific organisation and team.


Do you know what a 'bad hire' costs your business?

In most cases when someone leaves your business during their first year of employment, the true cost is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary. The reason for their departure is almost always something that could have been identified during the recruitment process.  

Find out how we can save you time and money today.

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