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Finding the right role for jobseekers since 2014

We work a bit differently to other recruiters

Have you ever started a new job only to find out it was different to what you expected? Have you left a company shortly after joining because you weren’t enjoying it? This story is all too common amongst the candidates we meet. Our ambition as a recruitment consultancy is to ensure a strong fit between the companies and candidates we represent. By tracking retention of our candidates, we know that 96% are still in their role after 12 months of starting.

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So, what can you expect working with us?


More honest feedback - We gain a deeper insight into the position and company culture through our consultation process with clients. This includes multiple stakeholder involvement and a company / role assessment so we can learn as much as possible. We share this detail openly with you and will always be honest if we don’t feel a role is right for you.


Better representation - We don’t believe a CV and the usual brief interview process provides you, the job seeker, with sufficient opportunity to showcase your skills, personality or unique abilities. We believe that active participation in your own application is essential, including the opportunity to present yourself, in your own words, before a company requests an interview. We will therefore ask you to create a short video introduction for the company you are applying to, so you are better able to convey your interest and enthusiasm in a position.


A happier job fit - Our commitment to you is that we will always aim to place you into the right role, with the right company, where you are well aligned to the job responsibilities, business practices and values.

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